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Animal Blessing Ideas
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Here are some ideas from St. Stephen's-in-the-Fields:

  • Vet came to give free vaccinations, we sold hot deity dogs for $1 andhad people-shaped  biscuits for the dogs and cats. The vet gave out lots of stuf including pens in the shape of bones with her clinic name on it.
  • St. Stephen's in the Fields had El Orbits play-local rock and roll band.  Large time. Also invited the local mounted police and the drug and bomb sniffing dogs tobless. That got us some media attention.
  • Another thing to do is invite service dogs for the hearing impaired or blind so those folks can come especially-really says some things about the Church's welcome.
  • We're developing an event kit for this and offering it to all our churches - lots of suggested ideas and resources, how to approach pet stores and vets to cosponsor it, a sample media release, a poster they can simply add their info to and matching stuffers, quarter sheet notices that they can ask pet stores and vets to hand out, etc.
  • And, the kids could bake the treats! By the way, http://www.hungrymutt.com has many easy recipes for dog treats. Still searching for cat recipes that seem easy and inexpensive.

  • By the way, the diocese of Washington has a great resource page for Blessings of the Animals. Scroll down the page to http://www.edow.org/for-parishes/liturgical-resources/liturgies to find these resources.

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